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about Brier

Every piece has a story.

Every collection has a meaning.

Every brand has a purpose.
Get to know Brier.

Brier is an old English name meaning ‘wild rose’. Like its name, Brier speaks to free-spirited women with a distinct, charming personality. She has a feminine, romantic yet adventurous–composite of sense and style with a retro twist. 

Brier embraces the art of dressing.

It always starts with what we really want to wear to what we are intrigued to try on. We want to give that experience to you. Our passion is simple; creating pieces every girl wants to wear. Self-manufactured, each piece is carefully thought as we put first quality and design over everything.

Brier is a truly personal brand reforming sincere femininity in fashion through the beauty in dressing. With a focus on romantic dressing, Brier girl can finally find her own style through the collection.

We would like to create meaningful collectible pieces with long-lasting design and quality, that you would want to hold on to  forever. 



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